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Expertomind Health Care Brand brings for you Sitz Bath Tub with Air Pump Technology. Using our Sitz Bath Tub now you can take Sitz Bath at home any time you wish.

Sitz Bath TubSitz Bath Tub

What’s a Sitz Bath?

Taking sitz bath at home can bring relief from pain, swelling, inflammation or irritation in the perineum area. In simple words Sitz Bath is a way of bathing private area for both Men and Women.

A sitz bath can be useful for provide relief from hemorrhoids, fistulas, fissures, piles and other perineal conditions. It can provide relief and boost healing in women after post delivery. Taking Sitz Bath daily for 15 minutes can help reduce inflammation, improve hygiene and promote blood flow.

Both Adults and children can use Sitz Bath Tub to get relief from pain or recovery after surgery. Sitz baths are appropriate for all age levels, for infants and small children it should be done under adult supervision only.

Benefits of a Sitz Bath?

For Personal Hygiene

For Piles Also Know As Hemorrhoids

For Fissures

For Fistulas

For Recovery After Post Delivery

For Tailbone Pain Also Know As Coccyx Pain

For Menstrual Cramps

And Other Perineal Conditions

In Expertomind Sitz Bath Kit You Will Get

Sitz Bath Tub

Sitz Bath Tub

Water Bag

Water Bag

Air Pump

Air Pump

One Sitz Bath Tub

Our Sitz Bath Tub is made of super flexible plastic material. Standard size, easy to carry, light weight and very strong.

One Water Bag

Water bag comes with one connected pipe and a clamp to control the flow of water out of pipe.

One Air Pump

You will get one air pump which creates bubbles and is the most effective.

You Can Use Expertomind Sitz Bath Tub In 3 Ways

Sitz Bath Tub

Sitz Bath Tub

Sitz Bath Tub and Water Bag

Sitz Bath Tub and Water Bag

Sitz Bath Tub and Air Pump

Sitz Bath Tub and Air Pump

First Option

This is the most easy and simple way, add warn or cold water as prescribed by doctor in the Tub and sit on it.

Second Option

Take the water bag, add warn or cold water as prescribed by doctor in the bag. Attach water bag with Tub, then sit on it. Now release water from water bag using clamp.

Third Option

This is the most effective option. Attach air pump with tub then add warn or cold water as prescribed by doctor in the Tub. Now take the pump in your hand and start pumping. The gentle touch of water in form of bubbles will give you maximum relief from pain.

– Benefits of using sitz bath tub. Taking Sitz bath daily for 15 mins will help in fast recovery from hemorrhoids also know as piles pain, fistulas pain, fissures pain and post delivery recovery.
– Durable, smooth and easy to clean plastic with wide contoured edges. Our sitz bath tub is designed to fit in most standard toilets for maximum comfort.
– Vents in sitz bath tub help prevent overflow and spilling of water on floor. Excess water will move out from vents and drop within the toilet pot.
– Items included 1 sitz bath tub, 2 quart water capacity bag, 2.1 qt basin, 5 foot tube with on/off water flow control clip, 1 air pump attached with 1 meter tube and a nozal.